Bimini Beaches

There are endless beaches around the Bimini Islands, some of which are quiet and secluded and others which attract plenty of tourists. Alice Town is the capital of Bimini and is home to the three beaches of Spook Hill, Blister Beach and Radio Beach. They’re still largely unspoiled stretches of sand, broken only by the occasional jutting rocky outcrop, but there are cafes and bars to enjoy nearby.

Charter Fishing in the Bimini Islands

The ocean around the Bimini Islands lies in the path of the Gulf Stream. It’s a location that’s highly regarded as being one of the best fishing waters in the world for big game, the rich food sources attracting some of the largest predators to feed here throughout the year. From a variety of tuna to an impressive number of shark species, there’s always a challenge on the horizon here.

Successful charter fishing means knowing the seasons and migratory patterns of the fish you’re after, and whether you’re on the hunt for Kingfish, Barracuda or Marlin, a good charter fishing company can help you find your prey.
At Two Suns Excursions, we’re experts in charter fishing in the Bimini Islands.