Bimini Island

The Bimini Islands are a tiny chain of picturesque atolls that form part of the famous Bahamas. Less well known than their larger cousins, they can be found almost halfway between the main Bahamas Islands and Miami on Florida’s beautiful east coast. Once a haven for pirates and rum smugglers, and thought to be the location of the mythical Fountain of Youth, these islands have been attracting visitors for years, on the hunt for outstanding surf, deep sea charter fishing, impeccable beaches and a verdant, tropical landscape.

The islands have a reputation as luxury hideaways, home to upscale resorts, outstanding boutique shopping and nature trails that wind their way across the uninhabited parts of the islands. They’re an exclusive location and don’t usually appear as package holiday destinations, keeping them uncrowded and tranquil, the way an exotic island chain should be!

Things to Do in the Bimini Islands

The islands may be small, but there’s plenty to enjoy, and couples as well as families with young kids will find plenty of attractions to keep everyone occupied here. Unsurprisingly, many of the best activities in the Bimini Islands focus on the sea, but when you can walk from one side of an island to the other in less than one hour, it’s hardly surprising the ocean is such a focal point.

Scuba divers have plenty of choice here, with endless dive sites to choose from. The wreck of the Sapona is one of the most popular locations, and it’s great for snorkelers too. It’s possible to climb inside the wreck which sits protruding from the surface and jump back into the sea, although it’s advisable to take care because the corals growing on its hull and ironwork are sharp enough to cut bare feet. Divers can get a better look at its hull and the reefs that surround it from below the water line, and there’s an impressive number of fish species calling it home.

Adventurous travelers should head to the Bimini Bull Run, a cage diving experience that’s suitable for non-certified as well as experienced divers. The Bull Run takes place at the end of the pier, dropping divers into shark infested waters. This expanse of ocean has been home to Bull Sharks for decades, and they gather here by the hundreds on some days.
The Bimini Museum is an interesting cultural experience. It doesn’t take long to explore, but it focuses on early life in the islands, including a history of the pirates and bootleggers who called it home. It’s an enjoyable day out and perfect for an hour or two out of the afternoon sun.

The Healing Hole is a legendary spring located deep in the twisting channels of the island’s mangrove swamps. It was reputedly discovered by Dr Richard Windgate, a legendary author and believer in the supernatural. He identified that as the spring flowed outward with the tide, it became an unusual mixture of salt and spring water, carrying with it high levels of Magnesium and Lithium, minerals known to aid depression and fatigue. Trips to visit the Healing Hole leave from the dock by flat boat and take around two hours to complete, with previous visitors reporting an apparent increase in their health upon their return.