Miami Excursions

Miami is famous for its fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and elaborate art deco architecture, and it’s a popular tourist destination with thousands of travelers making their way to this part of Florida’s south east coast every year. The city is a well-known destination for big names on stage and screen, but movie stars aren’t the only celebrities who make an appearance here because Miami is one of the best worldwide destinations to find superstars of another kind; big game fish, and the sort any self-respecting fisherman wants to brag about landing.

Here in the warm waters off Miami’s coastline, the Gulf Stream keeps the ocean rich with food attracting a spectacular array of marine creatures around the year. And the best way to set about catching one is on a luxury fishing excursion out of Miami itself.

Fishing in Miami for Big Game

Most species of fish are migratory, so if you’re coming to Florida to test your skills against some of the ocean’s most impressive animals, you might want to know a thing or two about them. Here are list of just a few of the fish we encounter in the waters around Miami:

• Blue Marlin: A prize catch for any angler, these fantastic creatures are identifiable by the dark cobalt blue color that covers their backs and dorsal fin. Small stripes down each side, usually fifteen of them, make them stand out. Male Blue Marlins usually weigh around 300lbs, while females can sometimes triple that figure. They’re feisty creatures and will put up a good fight if they take your bait.

• White Marlin: Like its larger cousin, the Blue Marlin, these fish have distinctive dark blue backs but their undersides are very light. They weigh less, coming in at an average of 200lbs, but they can attain great heights out of the water and are often difficult to catch successfully.

• Atlantic Sailfish: Instantly recognizable by the enormous dorsal fin that fans along their backs like sails, they are incredibly quick through the water and can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Also great leapers, they prove challenging for most fishermen.

• Yellowfin Tuna: A popular big game fish, the Yellowfin can reach 400lbs and is extremely fast despite its less than streamlined appearance. They’re noticeable by their yellow fins and body stripe, and they’re very strong fish that need careful handling to reel in successfully.

• Barracuda: There are several types of Barracuda in the waters of the Atlantic, but whichever one you come across while you’re fishing in Miami, you can guarantee it’ll have the incredibly long and slender body and somewhat evil appearance that typifies all Barracuda fish. Reaching lengths of up to 7ft long depending upon the breed, they have a vicious set of teeth and a terrifying bite.

• Wahoo: The Wahoo is a type of Kingfish and part of the Mackerel family. It is an elegant creature, long and slender, with small scales that shine in a striped pattern from its dorsal fin towards its underbelly. They are considered prize fish to catch because of their sharp teeth, immense strength and difficulty to land.

Of course, you’ll probably run into a few sharks too, perhaps some bull sharks or the occasional Tiger, and there are always plenty of shoal fish to take an interest in your bait. We haven’t listed everything here, but check out our fishing calendar page for a longer list of fish that live in the waters around Miami and the best times to spot them.